Happy Easter!


Life Between the Rocks

Rock Flowers

Another place my family and I visited during our Spring Break was Meteor Crater in Arizona. While we were there, these flowers caught my attention. The area inside and around the crater is barren, dry, and rocky, but these little flowering plants stuck between the rocks.  Looking through all the pictures of our trip, I thought this was the most appropriate for Holy Week and Easter.

Scatterbrained – 6WS

Lately, I’m feeling calmer, but scatterbrained.

Normally propelled by my anxiety, my

current calm perplexes me and has

me stuck in a changing state

of mind.  I guess my mind

is being open to something new.


When I think of scatterbrained, I think of Dr. Walter Bishop from the Fringe TV show. He’s extremely intelligent, but he is often all over the place.  But those frequent scatters of his mind often lead his team and the viewer to some profound truths.  Although I doubt I’m as intelligent, I am feeling the intense scatterbrain, poor focus part.  I have felt this before several years ago and eventually got back on track again.  The difference this time is that my anxiety symptoms have decreased drastically in the past couple of months.  However, I feel a bit lost without the extra push of motivation that the anxiety seemed to give.  Then again, my past excessive anxiety is not something I want to come back to.  The little poem above is something I came up with to express the confusion and frustration I’m feeling.  Anyway, from experience with a similar scatterbrain state in the past, I find that it usually signals something that needs attention or resolving that I have been avoiding.  I’m not quite sure what that is right now, but I have the feeling something’s opening up, and someone is trying to tell me something.  God does work in mysterious ways.


Inspired by


Snowcapped Mountain

Another amazing land formation in Arizona during family Spring Break vacation. On the road leaving the Grand Canyon, if you look east, you see this snowcapped mountain. The mountain is Mt. Elden located 81 miles from the Grand Canyon.  Unfortunately, it’s a little blurry. It was the best one out of all the pics I took of this mountain from this vantage point.  I took several with my DSLR camera, but something on my lens ruined all the pictures.  Good thing, I had my iPhone with me and at least captured this shot.

Road Amazement

From Nevada to ArizonaDuring our Spring Break a few weeks ago, as we left Las Vegas, past Boulder City, and drove towards the border between Nevada and Arizona towards the Grand Canyon, my family and I saw this sight.  I was in utter amazement.  You see, we live in Houston.  It’s completely flat.  So to see these massive land formations up close is a massive treat.  My husband didn’t want to stop on the side of a road on the side of a mountain, so this shot was taken from a moving car.  Don’t worry, my husband was driving.  If you zoom in, you can see some cars on the side of that mountain on the left.

Hoover Chipmunk

Chipmunk at Hoover March 2014 My family and I were pleasantly surprised to see this little chipmunk scurry across the rocks as we explored Hoover Dam on our drive from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. Fortunely, I had my camera attached to me and became stealthy enough to capture the little rascal looking for food before it raced away never to be seen by us again. I’m really happy with the result considering I didn’t have much time to react or plan.

Grand Vacation

20140315-140237.jpg Yesterday, my family and I returned home from a week long spring break vacation. We flew to Las Vegas, Nevada, and explored the surrounding area by car. Our favorite spot was the Grand Canyon National Park, in Arizona, which was a nearly seven hour drive from Las Vegas. Above is a photo I took our first morning at the Canyon. My son, my husband, and I stayed at the park for three quiet, relaxing nights which made us realize how over stimulating modern life can be.

Happy March!

Backyard Clovers

My front and back yard are full of these little green clovers.  They don’t look very pretty far away, but when you look closely… I captured these little ones in my backyard this afternoon.  A few are starting to unfold and open up.  I made a subtle frame on the edges using PicMonkey.  Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.  Happy March!

Hanging Out

Hanging Out (Holga Effect)
This photo was blurry to begin with, but I liked the positioning of the birds. So, I used the blur in a creative way with the free PicMonkey online tool (www.picmonkey.com). I used a Holga Effect to make these cute birds look like a memory of friends and family hanging out having a good time. By the way, this fence is the same one from the last photo. Birds like to hangout on my backyard fence. Almost captured a cardinal this morning, but she flew away.

Ruffled Feathers

Ruffled Feathers I wonder if this little bird ruffled his own feathers or something else did. Either way, in a little while, he flew away and kept flying. A simple bird can teach so much.

Fly Away

Fly Away

Above is the bird of prey I posted earlier this week flying away. The photo is blurry, but I thought it was an interesting capture of the wingspan of the bird. The big guy moved fast, so this was the only in-flight shot I was able to get.  I thought of editing the photo, but I opted for the original.  I figured it looks a bit like a painting this way.

By the way, I’ve chosen to take a break from the music challenge.  I plan to finish it up sometime later this year.  For now, I want to focus on photography.  I forgot how much I enjoy taking pictures and sharing them.  So, you’ll be seeing more photos and less music for a while.  And I want to be more spontaneous and free with my posts, so I’m also going to try posting without the guidance of challenges more often.  I have what seems to be hundreds of photos I’ve taken on my external hard drive and potentially hundreds more to be captured by my eye and camera.  It would be interesting to see what I can come up with when I don’t limit myself to the set idea of a blog challenge or prompt and just go with the promptings of daily life.  I still enjoy the challenges, but I want to try spontaneous and free for now and fly with what comes my way in the everyday.

Cold Perch

Bird of PreyA few weeks ago my son and I saw this large bird in a neighbor’s tree. My son told me it looks like a hawk. That day was very cold (under 30 degrees farinheit) for Houston, and I stood their taking pictures until the bird noticed me or my hands started to hurt. My son went inside the house before I was done. I think the photo above was the best capture of all the shots I took before the bird sensed me trying to get a closer shot and flew away. I got a shot of him flying away, but I thought it was way too blurry. Maybe I can post it next week, so you can see the windspan.


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