Early one Tuesday morning, I took this photo right after dropping off my son for school band practice. By the way, if you didn’t already know, Houston is often very humid. You can see some of that humidity on the hood of my car.

Photo taken using iPhone. Part of Lens and Pens by Sally’s Weekly Phoneography Challenge.


Lately, I’ve started feeling the beginnings of my anxiety and depression acting up. Hadn’t felt this way in several weeks. I still feel down, anxious, and out of sorts right now, but I know it’ll pass. And, eventually, I figure out what triggered it and can prevent a future one from a similar trigger. Anyway, this experience has reminded me of a pin I pinned on Pinterest. I found the sign below a couple of months ago on the internet. It was created by the Lonely Lotus and the words are by Danielle Koepke. I think it has been one of my most popular pins. It’s been repinned more than 500 times. Since I’ve dealt with anxiety for most of my life, Danielle’s words mean a lot to me. However, I didn’t realize how much the words meant to others. Hope you find it meaningful.

I’m planning to post more of my favorite Pinterest pins. Maybe I can make it a monthly or weekly blogging habit. I really do need to get back to blogging here, but life has been very busy with family, school, work, and a knee injury. To see more anxiety related pins you can go to my anxiety Pinterest board by clicking HERE .20140602-165403-60843109.jpg


IMG_5658.JPGBoth the setting sun and the clouds making awesome rays.

Lunar Eclipse

This week the WordPress Weekly Photo Challange is ‘Dreamy':

“This week, we’d like to see an image that looks dreamy to you. A photo of a place you often visit in dreams. A snapshot of your dreamy boy- or girlfriend. A scene that looks a bit out-of-this world. Take us on a flight of fancy!” -Michelle W. for WordPress The Daily Post blog

Since a lunar eclipse looks surreal and is, of course, out of this world, I’m posting these photos as part of the ‘Dreamy’ WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. 

Lunar Eclipse on October 8, 2014

Lunar Eclipse on October 8, 2014

At 4 o’clock Wednesday morning, armed with my camera, tripod, curiosity, and excitement, I braved darkness, eye strain, mosquitoes, and Houston humidity to take some pictures of the lunar eclipse. The photographs above are some of my favorites. The red “blood moon” photo was taken around 5AM when the moon was almost fully eclipsed by the earth’s shadow. I zoomed out and cropped that same photo, and it’s the last of the three photos under the larger one. As you can see on that last picture, I think I need a stronger lens to get a clearer picture. I used a Canon EF-S 55-250mm lens. Also, I found myself trying different camera settings to show both the shadowed area and the unshaded area in detail, but I could only get the detail on one area at time. You can see this on the other two photos where only the unshaded area is visible. These other two photos are also zoom outs and crops of photos I took that morning. I figured zooming out and cropping the photos would show the eclipse progression more nicely. Despite the conditions, I think the pictures turned out alright for the first time photographing a lunar eclipse.

Click here for additional ‘Dreamy’ photographs by fellow bloggers.

Double Rainbow

Last week, on my way to work, I saw a rainbow. So, I decided to take out my iPhone camera and snap a picture. When I viewed the picture at work, I was surprised. What I had seen as one rainbow were two.  When I was at that intersection, I didn’t see the second.  But, somehow, the camera captured two.  Do you see the two rainbows? 


Keep Looking Up

As I dropped off my son at school, we saw this beautiful sky.


Wordless Sunset


Cicada Close-Up

Here’s last week’s cicada up close and on its side.

Closeup Cicada

Cicada Stop

Today, outside my front door, this little rare cicada decided to stop at the perfect spot for a picture. I took a couple of quick snaps before it flew away. This one and another shot were my favorites. I’ll post the other one in my next post.

Cicada Stop

Thoughtful Pay Phone


This pay phone and signs caught my attention. Thought provoking reminders to pray, reflect, and refresh your day. It’s wonderful how the simpliest things can be full of meaning.

Falling Forward

Here are two of my favorites to inspire you today: a quote and a Calvin & Hobbes comic.  They put some optimism and humor into falling.  Falling forward doesn’t seem too bad.

“Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward.” -Victor Kiam




BridgeWhen we saw this huge bridge, my son, husband, and I had our jaws open in surprise.  When you enter the Hoover Dam area in Nevada, to your right, you are greeted by this giant.  You can see the little people on and next to the bridge to give you an idea of its enormity.  This second photo is a view from beside it as we drove into the Hoover Dam area and saw it for the first time.  It’s called the Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge and was completed in 2010.



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