BridgeWhen we saw this huge bridge, my son, husband, and I had our jaws open in surprise.  When you enter the Hoover Dam area in Nevada, to your right, you are greeted by this giant.  You can see the little people on and next to the bridge to give you an idea of its enormity.  This second photo is a view from beside it as we drove into the Hoover Dam area and saw it for the first time.  It’s called the Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge and was completed in 2010.


Between Nevada & Arizona

Hoover Dam. Between Nevada and Arizona, my family and I found the Hoover Dam. During Spring Break this year, we took a plane trip to Las Vegas, Nevada; and, from there, we took a road trip to the Grand Canyon.  The Hoover Dam was one of the sights between Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

This post is my literal take on WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge. This week, the theme is “Between”.


Sometimes, I go in my backyard and take photos of planes about to land at or taking off from a nearby airport.  I don’t remember if this one was leaving or arriving, but I liked how it looked.  It’s like a metallic bird against the beautifully painted sky.  You can click on the photo for larger views.


Split Second Story

This past Monday was Memorial Day. And on the following Tuesday, I spotted this rainbow on my way home from work after a stormy day. Notice the exit and the flag towards the end of the rainbow. I find myself often privileged to make photographic captures that I didn’t mean to capture. And at a later viewing of the photo, I find it’s filled with much more meaning. I simply meant to take a picture, with my iPhone, of an intensely vivid rainbow in front of me. I guess I can call it a split second story of the exit from a stormy day of work.

This post is my take on WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s challenge is to capture a split second story.


Nature on Campus

Campus Sign

The university I attend is on a nature preserve. So that’s the reason for the sign above.  I tend to smile when I pass this sign on my way to class.  I wonder; is the sign only referring to the animals or the students and visitors?    I haven’t seen any predatory animals on campus, yet.  I have seen raccoons, armadillos, egrets, and falcons, but they’ve been too quick to capture on film.   Below is a brief tour of nature on campus.  You can click on the photos to enlarge the photos and view the captions.


Sunset at the Movies

20140518-080356.jpg As we happily left the movie theater on Saturday, my husband, our son, and I saw this stunning sight.

HDR Clouds

Playing with Photomatix program, I combined three exposures of these clouds and brought out some drama in the clouds.
I took several pictures of these clouds a few months ago. Since clouds are some of my favorite photography subjects, I decided to use them on my first try at a photography program called Photomatix. Playing with Photomatix, I combined three exposures of these clouds and made the image black and white. I think it gives a neat artistic effect. What do you think?


20140416-072236.jpgA few months ago, in the parking lot of my workplace, a delivery truck was caught on a power line. The line snagged the truck and almost flipped it over. Lucky for the truck driver, the truck just got stuck and was left with just a few wheels in the air.

Part of Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge.

Happy Easter!


Life Between the Rocks

Rock Flowers

Another place my family and I visited during our Spring Break was Meteor Crater in Arizona. While we were there, these flowers caught my attention. The area inside and around the crater is barren, dry, and rocky, but these little flowering plants stuck between the rocks.  Looking through all the pictures of our trip, I thought this was the most appropriate for Holy Week and Easter.

Scatterbrained – 6WS

Lately, I’m feeling calmer, but scatterbrained.

Normally propelled by my anxiety, my

current calm perplexes me and has

me stuck in a changing state

of mind.  I guess my mind

is being open to something new.


When I think of scatterbrained, I think of Dr. Walter Bishop from the Fringe TV show. He’s extremely intelligent, but he is often all over the place.  But those frequent scatters of his mind often lead his team and the viewer to some profound truths.  Although I doubt I’m as intelligent, I am feeling the intense scatterbrain, poor focus part.  I have felt this before several years ago and eventually got back on track again.  The difference this time is that my anxiety symptoms have decreased drastically in the past couple of months.  However, I feel a bit lost without the extra push of motivation that the anxiety seemed to give.  Then again, my past excessive anxiety is not something I want to come back to.  The little poem above is something I came up with to express the confusion and frustration I’m feeling.  Anyway, from experience with a similar scatterbrain state in the past, I find that it usually signals something that needs attention or resolving that I have been avoiding.  I’m not quite sure what that is right now, but I have the feeling something’s opening up, and someone is trying to tell me something.  God does work in mysterious ways.


Inspired by


Snowcapped Mountain

Another amazing land formation in Arizona during family Spring Break vacation. On the road leaving the Grand Canyon, if you look east, you see this snowcapped mountain. The mountain is Mt. Elden located 81 miles from the Grand Canyon.  Unfortunately, it’s a little blurry. It was the best one out of all the pics I took of this mountain from this vantage point.  I took several with my DSLR camera, but something on my lens ruined all the pictures.  Good thing, I had my iPhone with me and at least captured this shot.


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