My First Post

This will be my first post. I’ve never written a blog before. This is sort of test post. So I won’t make it very long. I will learn as I go. As the title of my modest blog states, I am a mother, wife, student, and worker. I really want to make this blog as anonymous as possible. I enjoy writing, but I don’t like the idea of my writing being used against me, my family, or friends. You can say I am a private person, introvert, and maybe a person with avoidant personality traits. That last one is actually a new label I have given to myself. I have a long history of having anxiety and depressive symptoms. I studied and obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology several years ago. Make that approximately 13 years ago. I chose psychology as my major and management information systems as my minor. So I know a little about computers. But my main interest is psychology most especially because of my struggles with anxiety and depression. And after reading a bit on avoidant personality disorder, I am beginning to think I may have at least some traits of this disorder. I don’t want to rush into saying that I have this disorder, but I hope reading about it can help me learn about my self. I am not a psychologist, yet. I only have a bachelor’s degree in the subject. I am now working on getting my master’s in clinical psychology. And eventually, sometime in the future, I may get my Ph.D in psychology, earn my license and be a licensed clinical psychologist in Texas. For now, I am a master’s candidate in general psychology; however, this December, I will be applying for the clinical psychology program. With this program, I will be on my way to meeting the requirements for the licensing exam to become a psychological associate in the state of Texas. Right now I am taking one class a semester. The reason for that is that I need to continue to work, and I have a family that relies on me. Until I write again, good evening.


About Claudia

Hi!! My name is Claudia. Blogging is sort of a creative/therapeutic activity for me. I blog about being a wife, mother, student, caseworker, and simply being human through photography, words, music, and blog challenges. Mental illness has also been part of my life, so you'll sometimes find mental health and psychology in my posts. I've dealt with anxiety and depression most of my life. And my husband has bipolar disorder. My hope is that I may show readers that it is possible for people to live positive, productive lives despite mental illness, challenges, or frustrations. View all posts by Claudia

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