Pain Everywhere

My great-aunt passed away; anniversary of September 11, 2001 attacks; my mother is lonely; nephew car troubles; friend’s grandfather passed away; friend dying; husband depressed; economy suffering; and goldfish died. Anything else? September has been a very eventful month filled with much pain.

I can also counteract all that by saying there has also been much joy, but I think I would be downgrading the significance of all these painful events. Would making all these events go away make our lives better? Would our existence hold more value without them? No, we don’t want bad things to happen. And no, we are not going out to make bad things happen to make things better. But when I see a sign that says “Stop Suffering”, I cringe. No, I don’t enjoy suffering. The fact is that pain is part of our experience. It always happens be it having to wait in traffic and then being late to work, experiencing anxiety or sadness, being embarassed, seeing a sad story on the news, and other more painful events like those I mentioned earlier. I can sit and be sad the rest of my life and let the suffering be meaningless. Or I can work through my emotions and thoughts and let these experiences guide me to be a better, stronger, wiser person.


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Hi!! My name is Claudia. Blogging is sort of a creative/therapeutic activity for me. I blog about being a wife, mother, student, caseworker, and simply being human through photography, words, music, and blog challenges. Mental illness has also been part of my life, so you'll sometimes find mental health and psychology in my posts. I've dealt with anxiety and depression most of my life. And my husband has bipolar disorder. My hope is that I may show readers that it is possible for people to live positive, productive lives despite mental illness, challenges, or frustrations. View all posts by Claudia

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