My One Word

My one word for the year 2012 is WAIT.

I can WAIT for one more piece of chocolate.
I can WAIT to write my next blog post until I get home.
I can WAIT for my sadness, disappointment, anxiety, anger, or any other feeling to pass without overeating or trying to avoid my emotions in any other way.
I can WAIT to get my degree until I get all my degree requirements completed slowly and steadily.
I can WAIT for my son, husband, or anyone else to speak up when they just feel like being quiet and just want the company.
I can WAIT to read my e-mail in the morning and go ahead and get some sleep.
I can WAIT to read those blogs I follow until I get home and get my work done now.
I can WAIT to watch my TV show until the weekend and get some prayer in before I go to bed.
I can WAIT to look up that new book on Amazon tomorrow and spend time with my son, now, before he falls asleep.

So, I think the word WAIT works good for me as My One Word for 2012.

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