Anxiety Tip #5: Sleep

The topic of sleep reminds me of the moon. The photo shows the surface of the moon captured by placing the lens of a disposable camera against a telescope at George Observatory near Houston, TX.

For me, sleep is very important to effectively manage my anxiety. When I don’t get enough sleep, I become easily tired during the day and do not think as clearly as I do when I have slept enough. And dealing with anxiety symptoms is no fun when I can’t think straight because I am tired. And my anxiety symptoms become worse if I have lots of caffeine like coffee to wake up. So the best route is just for me to get enough sleep. Seven hours is enough for me. For my husband he needs around ten hours. My son around eight to nine hours. According to sleep researchers, there is not a set number of hours that you should sleep. The number of hours varies from one person to another. Some people need fewer hours, and some need more. I think the important thing is to find the number of hours of sleep that give you enough rest to feel rested and clear headed in the morning. I know this situation is the ideal. If you factor in stress, worries, physical ailments, and any other factors that can effect your sleep, you encounter some other issues. In this case, I think it is a good idea to resolve as best as you can any factors that you see are affecting your sleep. Finding an activity that relaxes you such as reading, listening to music, or drinking warm milk or tea are good ways to help you prepare yourself to go to sleep. Some activities are not recommended close to bedtime, since they wake you up and may keep you from sleeping. These activities include drinking caffinated drinks, excercising, or staring at a computer screen or phone. In the end, the main thing to remember is sleep is important and everyone needs it.

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