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The photo shows the palm of my hand glistening with sweat. One of the most annoying symptoms of my anxiety is the excessively sweaty palms, also know as hyperhidrosis. Here I was getting anxious at work. And funny thing, I don’t remember about what now. My hands don’t sweat as much as they use to. I remember playing the piano as a child and seeing little puddles of sweat on the keyboard. As a teenager in orchestra, my hands would sweat so much the sweat would run down my arm as I played my violin. And I would be afraid of saying the Lord’s Prayer at church, since I had to hold hands with someone and my hands would be sweating. Handwriting while anxious wasn’t much fun, either. With experience, learning to relax, and understanding that the sweating doesn’t last forever, the sweating has lost its intensity and I’m not too embarrassed about it anymore.

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