A-Z Archive: A Challenge-Autograph (Catch Up Challenge)

Frizztext at Flickr Comments by Frizztext has started a new A-Z Archive Challenge with stories. The photo challenge is over and there are a few letters I missed at the beginning of the challenge earlier this year. I was very much set on covering all the letters of the alphabet using my photo archive, so I will pass on the story challenge. Instead, I am going to play catchup until I get all the letters of the alphabet covered and complete the A-Z Photo Challenge. After all, the challenge is to complete the challenge. And I want to complete the Photo Challenge. So for the next couple of weeks I will be doing a personal Catch Up Challenge. Let’s see, I need A, B, I, J, K, L, M and N. I have eight weeks there. Today, I will start with A for Autograph. Next week will be B and so on until I finish the challenge. After that I will just have two photo challenges to follow (The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge and Jake’s Weekly Sunday Post). Which works better with my busy schedule.


Several years ago, before my husband and I married, he and I went to a lecture given by a famous psychologist named Albert Bandura. He is famous in psychology history for developing social cognitive theory and the Bobo Doll experiment. Dr. Bandura was part of a guest lecturer series at the University of St. Thomas. At the time, I was an undergraduate at the University of Houston, and I brought a copy of my Theories of Personality class textbook to the lecture. I was more shy back then, so I asked my husband to go up to Dr. Bandura with me to ask him to autograph my textbook. My husband handed him the textbook and asked him to write “to Claudia.” Dr. Bandura looked up and asked my husband, “are you her spokesman?”. The photo above is the textbook with his autograph. Dr. Bandura is the gentleman wearing eyeglasses on the right page. He signed: “To Claudia, May the efficacy force be with you, Albert Bandura”.

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