Weekly Sunday Post: Silence

All I hear when I get to my workplace on Saturday mornings is silence. I work on Saturdays to make up for leaving early for school during the week. Above is a photo of the empty, silent, dark hall of the floor where I work. And below it is the empty parking lot. You can image the silent office. I usually put music on to cheer myself up.

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4 responses to “Weekly Sunday Post: Silence

  • jakesprinter

    Great work there Claudia i love it 🙂


  • Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.

    I think our acceptance of silence has to do with our perspective.

    A couple of years ago I came across a quote that’d been under my nose for decades. Mind you, I work in silence most of the day; but I’d never really grasped the meaning behind St. Anthony’s quote:

    The Lord manifests himself to those who pause while in peace and humility of heart…. God, in order to be able to speak to the soul and fill it with the knowledge of his love, leads it to the solitude, detaching it from preoccupations of earthly things. He speaks to the ears of those who are silent and makes them hear his secrets.

    What a difference it’s made since then ’cause now I pay attention when I come across “silence” in my daily readings.

    From St. Teresa of Avila to others, past and present, including Father Robert at the Dominican Shrine of St. Jude, many share St. Anthony’s perspective.

    Anyway, see what you think.


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