Obsession Breeds Gloom

obsession breeds gloom
human flower stunted bloom
less worry more growth

One of the most difficult parts of dealing with anxiety is obsessive thinking and worrying. The haiku above is my brief illustration of what obsession tends to do in my life. Basically, it makes me depressed and keeps me from being the best mom, wife, woman I’m meant to be. Daily, I must remind myself to worry less and have faith and confidence. Really, everything will be okay.


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Hi!! My name is Claudia. Blogging is sort of a creative/therapeutic activity for me. I blog about being a wife, mother, student, caseworker, and simply being human through photography, words, music, and blog challenges. Mental illness has also been part of my life, so you'll sometimes find mental health and psychology in my posts. I've dealt with anxiety and depression most of my life. And my husband has bipolar disorder. My hope is that I may show readers that it is possible for people to live positive, productive lives despite mental illness, challenges, or frustrations. View all posts by Claudia

5 responses to “Obsession Breeds Gloom

  • Galen

    I appreciate your thoughts and the way you express them. My problem is worrying about things I cannot control… when I should be focusing my efforts on things where I can make a difference. Much like the serentiy prayer says… I need the wisdom to know the difference!


    • Claudia

      Galen, thanks. I think we all need that wisdom to know the difference. And even when I do know the difference, I still worry. I don’t know if you are spiritual and/or religous, but it helps me to pray when I don’t know the difference or just can’t stop worrying about something.


    • Claudia

      Something else that helps me is writing or doing something that helps me feel like I have, at least, a little control over the situation.


  • Barefoot Baroness

    God grant me the serenity to know the difference.
    I have long sruggled with dwelling on things I have little to no control over. I try to tell myself “Get OVER yourself” but it’s not helpful.

    The only thing that I have found that works for me is to look beyond my own nose. If I m helping someone else paddle their canoe, always invited of course, I have little focus for anything else.

    Great post. Take care my busy friend ~ BB


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