April A2Z Heights – Day 14 – Open Day

long lines, short tempers;
numbers, documents, sore legs —
frustration renewed


A few weeks back, I found myself having to go twice to visit the Texas Department of Public Safety, which is often called the DMV or Department of Motor Vehicles, to renew my driver’s license. Twice because the first time I was missing a document. That document was my birth certificate. I was showing up on the computer as being a non-citizen despite the fact that I have held a license in Texas since I was 16 yrs old and I was born in the United States. I am now 37, so that would be more than 20 years.  Anyway, they would not process my case until I presented by birth certificate.  So, after waiting for who knows how long, I had to leave and come back and wait some more.  Today’s haiku is inspired by that experience.


DMV Comic


Inspired by the theme at
National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month

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