A Humorous Peace Search – April Peace Post

“First keep peace with yourself, then you can also bring peace to others.”
-Thomas a Kempis

The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite television shows. One episode has a scene that humorously illustrates the idea of searching for peace in every day life. In this episode, Sheldon is afraid to attend a banquet where he must make a speech to accept an award for his physics research. Sheldon is very fond of his routines and basically set in his ways. When there’s any changes he gets upset or avoids anything that will create any change.


As you can see, Sheldon doesn’t like change.20130415-002736.jpgSource: www.pinterest.com


His peaceful routines are shattered by his thoughts of past bad speech experiences and nervous anticipation of the acceptance speech. His friends are trying to help him find some inner peace to prepare for the speech.

I was able to find a You Tube video of the scene. And you can see it below. In this scene, Raj attempts to teach Sheldon meditation that has helped Raj with his own search for peace. Raj has trouble speaking to women and, literally, becomes mute in the presence of a woman unless he has a beer or any other form of alcohol in his system.

Watching this episode, I noticed that being open to peace is important when you are searching for it. And to teach others about peace, you need to have some measure of peace. A positive attitude, non judgement, patience, and openness to change seem to make a big difference in both searching for peace or teaching someone about peace. Sheldon and Raj show what can happen when we have good intentions, but the pieces to peace aren’t quite there.



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