A Rebellious Song

I’ve decided to do a music challenge I discovered at MindLovesMisery blog. It’s a 30 day music challenge. I’m not planning to do it in 30 days or in order. I find it’s easier and more fun to just post as I hear a song that fits any of the prompts and create a list under each post showing the prompts I’ve completed.

So, here’s another song for the challenge. There’s really no lyrics for the song, it’s mostly instrumental dance music with a few words here and there.  You may be a bit surprised by my choice of this one song.   You also may want to put your volume down a bit.  The song brings out my rebellious side, my appreciation of trance music, and admiration of the Alias television series.

You see, I first heard this song on the show Alias.   I’ve been following the series on Netflix for several weeks now.  There’s a total of a little more than a hundred episodes in all and five seasons.  I’m on season 2, and I’m intrigued.  I watch the show once or twice a week after my son and husband go to bed because neither one likes the show.  It’s my little escape after a long day.  It’s especially fun because the main character, Sydney Bristow (played by Jennifer Garner), is a lady that is strong emotionally, mentally, and physically.  She is also very caring and sympathetic of others and shows both strength and vulnerability.  However, she will hurt you if you’re up to no good.  She’s a double agent working for the CIA and a criminal organization called SD-6.  She’s not a criminal, but she works undercover as a bad guy to help the CIA bring down SD-6.  You really have to watch all the episodes not to get lost in the intriguing twist and turns of the story.  The show brings back memories of me as a little girl wanting to be a superhero.  Syndey is sort of a superhero (as the video below will show).

I welcome your comments on what you think of this song and/or the video.  I found the video on YouTube, and it’s a compilation of scenes from several episodes of the television series .  The music is by Paul Oakenfold, who I’ve never heard of before this song, but I would like to listen to more of his music.  I enjoy listening to trance music in small bites.  It tends to get me worked up and feeling a little anxious.  I find it to be a little intense for me, but sometimes I’ll listen when I’m feeling frustrated with something and want to get motivated to move ahead and rebel against my frustrations.

Day 13: A Song You Listen to When Feeling Rebellious –
Ready, Steady, Go
by Paul Oakenfold



What I have so far:

Day 6: A song that Inspires: Marching On by One Republic – http://wp.me/p1RGKQ-1Vc

Day 10: A Song with Exceptional Lyrics: Better by Toby Lightman – http://wp.me/p1RGKQ-21A

Day 13: A Song You Listen to When Feeling Rebellious –

Day 14: A song that cheers you up: Ms. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra – http://wp.me/p1RGKQ-1ZE

Day 25: A song from a movie soundtrack: Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds – http://wp.me/p1RGKQ-1WN


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