October Peace Post


“Let’s visualize what a peaceful world will look like. For this month’s peace challenge, I challenge you to publish what your dream of peace looks like.”

When I saw Kozo’s challenge for October, my mind went negative. I thought of Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Genghis Kahn…and the list goes on. People who seemingly no amount of peaceful communication would convince them to change their ways. And I thought of the complexities of the human mind and free will. And the idea that we cannot force peace on anyone because to force someone is to take away their freedom and contradicts the whole idea of peace. So why dream? It’s impossible? Then I thought maybe peace is not a destination, but a journey. And by approaching peace, despite the evils in the world, there will be peace some how. Maybe not perfect peace, I think that’s only possible in a higher power’s hands, but a daily striving to approach peace through acts of peace. So to dream is a way of approaching peace. A dream is an act of peace. I now realize it is better to approach perfect peace than to not have any peace at all. My dream of a peaceful world is filled with a majority of people who are kind, gentle, understanding, empathetic, not judgmental, and strive daily to do peaceful actions. I found the six minute video below on YouTube a couple of years ago. And I think my dream is much like the images and music in this video.

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