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20130908-155333.jpgJust a few weeks ago my family and I were buying yummy milk shakes at this place. You can still see the nice landscaping. Now it’s abandoned. A sad sight and feeling to see something positive gone and just a shell remain.

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“This week’s topic is Abandoned or Alone” -Cee


Cloudy Morning Blanket

Clouds are my favorite things to photograph. I actually have an app on my phone called Cloudspotter created by the Cloud Appreciation Society. Yes, it’s a real society. Try the link. I was thrilled to discover it through a show I watched on the Weather Channel. Below is a photo I took with my iPhone one morning while leaving for work. I changed the photo to black and white, for Cee’s Black and White Challenge, using the Snapseed app.


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“This week’s topic is Your Favorite Thing or Things to Photograph.” -Cee

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