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Sign of the Times


I found this no smoking sign unusual. I’ve never seen one mention e-cigarettes. I took the photo with my iPhone while I waited at a doctor’s office. The walls were boring and bare except for this sign and a television, and I thought the original photo was also boring. I edited the photo using a Retrolux filter on the Snapseed App to give it a more interesting look. Below is the original photo.

This post is part of Lens and Pens by Sally’s Weekly Phoneography Challenge.




Abstraction of tree branches on a downtown Houston street. Photo taken using iPhone. Part of Lens and Pens by Sally’s Weekly Phoneography Challenge.



Early one Tuesday morning, I took this photo right after dropping off my son for school band practice. By the way, if you didn’t already know, Houston is often very humid. You can see some of that humidity on the hood of my car.

Photo taken using iPhone. Part of Lens and Pens by Sally’s Weekly Phoneography Challenge.

Asperatus Clouds

As my son and I left church a few Sundays ago, I took this photo of some rare asperatus clouds with the Cloudspotter App on my iPhone. When you use this app, you can send the photo to the Cloud Appreciation Society along with the name of the cloud you think it is, and they will respond and let you know if the name is correct. That’s how I know these are asperatus clouds. They’ve been verified by The Cloud Appreciation Society. It’s a fun app to have if you enjoy cloudspotting!  If you look really close you can also see a plane in the right lower corner above the trees.  You can click on the image for a closer look.

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This week’s challenge is – Nature.

Rabbit Waiter

20130917-110358.jpgWhen I looked up at this cloud formation I was surprised. I had to grab my phone and snap a picture. To me, it really looks like a rabbit carrying a tray. Take a look at the cartoon below to compare. What do you think? I used the Snapseed app to crop and make the photo black and white for this week’s iphonegraphy challenge. I also hoped that the rabbit would be easier to spot in black and white.

Source: Google Images


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This Week’s Theme – Black and White


Phoneography Challenge – Black and White


I saw this magnificent sight on Friday as I got in my car after work and snapped a picture with my iPhone. The entire Houston sky was gloomy and filled with storm clouds. In the western sky, those clouds and the setting sun combined to create a beautiful effect. I used my Snapseed app to make the phoneograph black and white for this week’s challenge.

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Phoneography Challenge – Night Photography


Earlier this year, after my surgery, I had to return to school to take an exam. Not being able to drive for some time, my husband drove me to and from class. While waiting for him to pick me up, I took this photo with my iPhone 4. It’s grainy, but I like the way the light from the closest street light came out. It looks like a flower. For a larger image, you can click on the photo.

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