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my bright eyes they see
through absence of depression
their joy is my fuel

I’ve noticed that when a person is happy and content, even at peace, they emanate a sort of glow. You can often see bright, joyful eyes. I’ve also noticed that when I am in a good mood people around me seem to find me more approachable. The most important people in my life, my husband and son, seem to feel more comfortable around me and happier when I am not depressed. I’m learning to appreciate the value of these moments. They’ve become motivators when I feel down. You see by me being depressed I bring them down to some degree. Thinking of their joy when they see my bright eyes helps to bring some joy back in me and motivates me not to allow the depression to suck me into its lies.

Inspired by Wednesday Song Title Interpretation Challenge by Rois. This week’s theme is “Pretty Eyes”. I substituted bright for pretty to meet the Haiku requirement of 17 syllables. For more details on the challenge click on the badge below.


Wednesday Song Title Interpretation- Weapon

This is my entry for Rois’s Challenge. I’m not sure of the rules of a haiku, so I am going out on a limb here. When I saw Rois’s latest theme, weapon, I thought of a few ideas, but I wasn’t sure how to present them until I encountered a couple of poems around the blogosphere. Then, I thought why not try a short poem like a haiku. Here it goes. You readers out there let me know if I messed up the haiku style of poetry.

My weapon uses no bullets;
Neither does my enemy.
Awareness over apathy

For more entries or to find out more about the challenge and listen to some music go to Rois.


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