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Parking Garage Clouds

I often hear clouds talked about as gloomy and sad.  I think they’re beautiful.  The photograph below was taken using my iPhone 6 on the roof floor of the parking garage at my job a few days ago.  It was a stormy, rainy morning on my commute to work that day.  These fluffy clouds were the sight I encountered as I waited for the elevator.  They made me smile.


I’m not sure why the photo does not enlarge when you click on it.  If anyone knows leave a comment below.

Abstract Sky

 On a lunch break, this cluster of clouds caught my attention. Reminds me of an abstract painting. 

Sunset at the Movies

20140518-080356.jpg As we happily left the movie theater on Saturday, my husband, our son, and I saw this stunning sight.

HDR Clouds

Playing with Photomatix program, I combined three exposures of these clouds and brought out some drama in the clouds.
I took several pictures of these clouds a few months ago. Since clouds are some of my favorite photography subjects, I decided to use them on my first try at a photography program called Photomatix. Playing with Photomatix, I combined three exposures of these clouds and made the image black and white. I think it gives a neat artistic effect. What do you think?

Asperatus Clouds

As my son and I left church a few Sundays ago, I took this photo of some rare asperatus clouds with the Cloudspotter App on my iPhone. When you use this app, you can send the photo to the Cloud Appreciation Society along with the name of the cloud you think it is, and they will respond and let you know if the name is correct. That’s how I know these are asperatus clouds. They’ve been verified by The Cloud Appreciation Society. It’s a fun app to have if you enjoy cloudspotting!  If you look really close you can also see a plane in the right lower corner above the trees.  You can click on the image for a closer look.

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Clouds – Haiku My Heart

fluffy flowing spread –
packed fibers of nice floating,
suspended in space…


A few weeks ago while leaving a gas station, I looked up and spotted these awesome clouds. It just happened that the sun peeked through the sign just in time.  I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I never tire of looking up at the clouds.  May sound unusual, but I don’t mind a cloudy sky.  It’s like a painting on a blue canvas.  It’s difficult to believe this painting is made of ice and water droplets.


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Haiku My Heart at Recuerda Mi Corazon


Rabbit Waiter

20130917-110358.jpgWhen I looked up at this cloud formation I was surprised. I had to grab my phone and snap a picture. To me, it really looks like a rabbit carrying a tray. Take a look at the cartoon below to compare. What do you think? I used the Snapseed app to crop and make the photo black and white for this week’s iphonegraphy challenge. I also hoped that the rabbit would be easier to spot in black and white.

Source: Google Images


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This Week’s Theme – Black and White


Cloudy Morning Blanket

Clouds are my favorite things to photograph. I actually have an app on my phone called Cloudspotter created by the Cloud Appreciation Society. Yes, it’s a real society. Try the link. I was thrilled to discover it through a show I watched on the Weather Channel. Below is a photo I took with my iPhone one morning while leaving for work. I changed the photo to black and white, for Cee’s Black and White Challenge, using the Snapseed app.


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