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Just Gratitude #3

I am thankful for my son.  The first time I saw him on the ultrasound screen, my whole world changed and the way I see the world changed.  A helpless little human now depended on me.  And I realized that all the people I would see each day, even the strangers, were more like me than I imagined.  Everyone is someone’s son or daughter.   Yes, that sounds so ridiculously obvious; but to actually feel it with all your being and experience it is something amazing.  There are no words to fully express it.  My son is now sixteen years old and, without knowing it, he reminds everyday that there’s more to the world than meets the eye or the mind.  

Push – Haiku My Heart

nature’s order — young
bird pushed to leave it’s safe home :
mother feels teen’s push…


Chickadee by John James Audubon

Inspired by Haiku My Heart at Recuerda Mi Corazon


A Song With Exceptional Lyrics

I’ve decided to do a music challenge I discovered at MindLovesMisery blog. It’s a 30 day music challenge. I’m not planning to do it in 30 days or in order. I find it’s easier and more fun to just post as I hear a song that fits any of the prompts and create a list under each post showing the prompts I’ve completed.

So, here’s another song for the challenge. Below the video, I included the lyrics for the song; the challenge prompts; and my list, which will eventually have all 30. As the mother of a twelve year old son, the lyrics of the following song are very meaningful and exceptional.

Day 10: A Song With Exceptional Lyrics –
by Toby Lightman



He’ll be enough to make you cry
He’ll be enough to open your eyes
To all the little things that make this world better
He’ll give you love you never know
He’ll give his heart only to you
And he’ll make your life oh better

So when he comes to you in the middle of the night
Cause he’s scared to be alone in the dark
You’ll tell him everything’s gonna be alright

Cause I will be your light
I will be your night
I will be that star in the sky who watches over you

You’ll tell him everything you know
You’ll tell him “oh the places you’ll go”
So you can be a good man and
make this world better.
You’ll give him all the love you have
Even when he makes you so mad
Keep in mind, that he made your life better.

So when he comes to you and he’s so confused
Because he wants to give his heart to another
You’ll tell him everything’s gonna be just fine

Cause I will be your light
And when the years are going by too fast
and he’s growing up to be big and strong
Know his love for you will last
Even when he doesn’t say it to your face
Even when you have to put him in his place
Know that he’s a love that nothing in this
world can ever replace



What I have so far:

Day 6: A song that Inspires: Marching On by One Republic – http://wp.me/p1RGKQ-1Vc

Day 10: A Song with Exceptional Lyrics: Better by Toby Lightman –

Day 14: A song that cheers you up: Ms. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra – http://wp.me/p1RGKQ-1ZE

Day 25: A song from a movie soundtrack: Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds – http://wp.me/p1RGKQ-1WN



These are my two six word entries for Six Word Saturday:

Parenting not easy, yet so important

Bringing growth for child and parent

These are wonderful words to remember. I’m glad I found them on Pinterest while my son is still young.

What the Six Word Saturday challenge is about as described by Call Me Cate:

Want to play along? All that’s necessary to participate is to describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words. For more information, try clicking here. Feel free to explain or not explain. Add an image, a video, a song, nothing. I love seeing what everyone does with their entries.

Click on the “Six Word Saturday” badge for more Six Word Saturday entries and details for today.

Moving Forward


On Sunday, my son finished his science fair project. He and his classmates had worked on these projects since October of last year and finally they are due to present this week. I’m really proud of my son.

I remember when he was much younger, and my anxiety and depression were much worse. I wondered if I was doing a good job and teaching him well through my actions and words. Looking back I know I wasn’t a perfect mother. I don’t think there is such a thing. But I have always been a mother that has wanted the best for her son no matter how she felt, and I guess I did my best despite my anxiety and depression. Since he started school in kindergarten, my son has been a great student with good grades and good conduct. He is now ten. I must have been doing something right.

Although it’s not easy, I continue to do the best I can. Every morning I say a little prayer with my son before I drive him to school.

God, keep him safe, healthy, and wise.

And sweet and strong.

And guide him to know that You are always there with him. Amen.

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