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Beautiful You

I found this wonderful quote on the internet while I was looking for examples of strong female characters.  I’m finding that movies, shows, books with strong female leads are good motivational tools to keep me inspired and enthusiastic about being a good, healthy person. I’ve always seemed to have trouble with my self-image. Often neglecting my appearance and almost exclusively focusing on my soul and mind. I’m realizing that it’s not a matter of vanity, but a matter of caring for your current home just like caring for my brick and wood house for my family. So, I’ve been brushing my hair more often, exercising, watching what I eat, and other stuff I use to ignore or found useless.  It’s not easy to maintain the these practices, but their actually helping my mood and anxiety. I know appearance isn’t everything, and it’s temporary and changes with time and age, but it helps to care for what you have while you have it.  Hope you find the quote as inspiring as I did.  I felt compelled to share it and share my thoughts on it.


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