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Just Gratitude #4

I am thankful for the ability to read and write. Not only does it make texting, blogging, and communication in general possible, it also gives your brain a good intellectual and emotional workout.  Here are a few articles on the benefits of reading and writing:


April A2Z Heights – Day 07 – Open Day

shackles pull twist
unseen unheard painfully–
misused tools to bound…

Today, Haiku Heights has provided an open day without a prompt for bloggers to write a haiku on whatever they wish. I want to let you all know I’m really enjoying participating in this month long challenge. It’s turned out to be a wonderful way to express myself when normal everyday conversation or communication cannot easily describe past or present experience. Most especially, those mental and emotional pains that are difficult to describe, explain, or have others understand. I often question if I am following all the haiku rules while I’m expressing myself. But, you know, I think the joy and relief of just typing something down is enough for me. I’ve decided I will learn as I go. I know I’ve got the 5-7-5 rule down. And I’ve been reading articles around the internet on writing haiku (good articles on haiku at Writerscafe.org). I guess the rest will follow with experience. Anyway, thank you all who have left comments and likes. I appreciate these gestures very much. You encourage me to continue to write despite my doubts and anxieties. Thank you.

Inspired by the theme at
National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month

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